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If you have an emergency that requires immediate police, fire or ambulance response please call 9-1-1

For Non-Emergency: (920) 779-6165

Our phones are forwarded to Outagamie County Dispatch Center. Advise them of your situation and a Hortonville Police officer will be dispatched to assist you.

You can call 920-832-5000 directly to reach the Outagamie County Dispatch Center.

Mailing address for the Hortonville Police Department is

531 N. Nash St

P.O. Box 99

Hortonville, WI 54944-0099

From November 15th of each year until April 1st of the following year, no person except an emergency vehicle shall park any vehicle between 3:00 am and 6:00 am of any day on any street and STH 15 in the Village unless permission is granted by the Hortonville Police Department.

You must pay the ticket within 10 days as stated on the parking ticket. if it isn't paid within 10 days the ticket will be considered "overdue" and the fine will increase.

Refusing to pay the citation within 20 days will result in registration suspension for the vehicle on which the citation was issued.

Three ways to Pay a ticket

  1. You can pay a ticket by bringing it to the Hortonville Police Department located at 531 N Nash St. Hortonville, WI 54944, during regular business hours 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
  2. Fill out the backside of ticket seal it, add a stamp to the designated area and put it in the mail.
  3. Put it in one of the village drop boxes one is located outside the municipal center by the library book drop and one inside the the municipal center by the medicine Dropbox by the police department.

The Police Department will fingerprint individuals for a $10.00 fee.  If requesting fingerprints after hours, please use the phone in our waiting area.  Instructions are posted.  An officer will respond to assist you.  Your wait time will depend upon the availability of our on duty officer.

Accident reports are available at the Hortonville Police Department.  You will need to fill out an open records request to obtain a report.  You can also obtain an open records request form on this website and email your request to [email protected].


Access your police report at: WI Crash Reports to get a copy. Reports will typically show up on the website 3-5 days after the accident. You will need your driver's license number and date of accident. The state does charge a fee for the report.

Yes!  All abandoned refrigerators or iceboxes from which the doors and other covers have not been removed or which are not equipped with a device for opening from the inside can NOT be placed on the curb!

Yes, if they have a village issued solicitor’s license.  If you wish to verify the license you can call the Municipal Clerk's office during regular office hours at (920) 779-6011.

No person shall sell, expose or offer for sale, use, keep, discharge or explode any fireworks, except toy pistol paper caps, sparklers and toy snakes, within the Village limits unless authorized by a fireworks permit as hereinafter provided. The term "fireworks" as used in this section shall be deemed to include all rockets or similar missiles containing explosive material or fuel.

Here is a quick guide to Wisconsin Fireworks Law Fireworks Advisory Guide

The Hortonville Police Department has collected and traded patches for many years. However, due to increased security measures and ever increasing expenses both in dollars and time, we are no longer trading or selling patches.

Popular motorized scooters raise concerns and questions.  WisDOT has issued a reminder that motorized scooters may not be used on public roads and sidewalks.  Although a wide variety of motorized scooters are sold by various retail outlets statewide in recent months, the small gas or electric-powered scooters do not meet National Highway Traffic Safety Commission standards for motor vehicle safety.  As a result, they can't be registered and can't be operated on any street or sidewalk within a roadway's right-of-way.  Paul Nilsen from WisDOT's Office of General Counsel notes that the law treats motorized scooters just like lawn tractors, all-terrain vehicles, go-carts and other off-road vehicles.  In addition, anyone operating one on a street or sidewalk without a driver's license could face charges for doing so.  For juveniles, such a citation could make them ineligible for a driver's license when they turn 16.  Motorized scooters may be operated on private property where the owner has given consent.

Yes, on designated marked trails only.  Riding the ditches is not permitted within the village limits. Contact your local DNR agent for permitted locations.

Yes.  Curfew for children aged 17 and under is 11 PM to 5AM.

Call the Hortonville Police Department at (920) 779-6165.

Yes.  Call us at (920) 779-6165 or stop by the police department to request a vacation watch.

Contact the Clerk of Courts in the county you reside in.

You may contact your local Sheriff's Department or DNR.

We have a drug drop box inside the municipal service center right outside the Police Department.

Dogs must be licensed by April 1st or before if April 1st falls on a weekend.  Proof of current rabies shots must be presented at the Municipal Building to obtain a license.  Licenses are not required for cats.


  1. No more than four (4) dogs and/or cats shall be kept on any premises without the approval of the Village Board, the exception being a litter of cats or dogs which may be kept for a period of time not to exceed five months from birth. Amended 9/21/2017
  2. This provision does not apply to the breeding or caring of farm animals or to domestic pets on agriculturally zoned land of five (5) acres or more.
  3. This provision does not apply to any premises holding a valid kennel license.
  4. This provision does not apply to the keeping of small caged birds (exclusive of pigeons), small caged animals, reptiles, or aquatic or amphibian animals, solely as pets.
  5. All animals that are not domestic, as defined above, are prohibited.

For loose and injured dogs call the Hortonville Police Department. All stray and injured dogs are taken to the Fox Valley Humane Association in Appleton at (920) 733-1717. For stray or injured cats, call the Fox Valley Humane Association for availability of room. You will be responsible for transporting the cat to the vet clinic. For injured wildlife call the Mosquito Hill Nature Center at (920) 779-6433.