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Dog Licenses

LICENSE REQUIRED.  No person shall own, harbor or keep any dog more than 5 months of age without complying with the provisions of Sections 174.05 through 174.10, Wis. Stats., relating to the listing, licensing and tagging of the same.

All dogs must be licensed prior to April 1st or you will be charged with a $5.00 late fee

What you need to obtain a yearly dog license

1. Current Rabies Vaccination from your vets office

2. Cost

  • Spayed/Neutered Dogs - $10.00
  • Unspayed/Unneutered Dogs - $20.00

You can obtain this license at the Municipal Services Center located at 531 N Nash St.

Between the Hours:

  • 7:00am - 4:00pm Monday - Thursday
  • 7:00am - 1:00pm Friday

Operator License (Bartender License)

Every year you need to renew your operator's license. All operator licenses expire June 30th.


1. Have proof you have taken the online course (Click here to Find Course) or have an operator license from another municipality in Wisconsin that is active or less than two years past expiration date

2. Fill out the Operator License Application

3. Bring the application to the Municipal Services Center

4. The cost

  • License Fee - $25.00
  • Background Check - $7.00
  • Provisional License (Optional) - $5.00

5. The Police Department will do a background check on the application.

6. If approved by the Police Department, the Village Clerk will issue your Operator's License.

Liquor/Malt Beverage License

The basic qualifications are:

  • You must be of legal drinking age (21).
  • If you are an agent, you must have resided continuously in Wisconsin for at least 90 days prior to the application date.
  • You must have a seller's permit issued by the Department of Revenue. Call (608) 266-2776.
  • You must have completed a Responsible Beverage Server Training Course.

A criminal record may prevent you from getting a license, as explained below.

Fermented Malt Beverages

  • Class "A" Beer License - $225.00
  • Class "B" Beer License - $100.00
  • Special Class "B" Picnic License - $10.00

Intoxicating Liquor

  • Class "A" Liquor License - $225.00
  • Class "B" Liquor License - $300.00

Fermented Malt Beverage/Intoxicating Liquor

  • Publication Fee (annual group publication) - $4.00
  • Single Publication Fee - $16.98

Auxiliary Form

  • Auxiliary Form (Background Fee) - $7.00

Call the Municipal Clerks office with any questions about availability of Licenses.

Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application Fillable Form

Alcohol Beverage Individual Questionnaire

Appointment of Agent Fillable Form

Temporary Class B Liquor License


Cigarette License

In order to obtain a cigarette license you must own or lease an establishment where cigarettes are sold.

  1. Complete the Cigarette And Tobacco License applications 
    1. Cigarette Individual Questionaire
    2. Cigarette Appointment of Agent
  2. After filling this out you need to bring it to the Municipal Services Center (531 N Nash St).
  3. Pay the $50.00 application fee

The Village Clerk will then issue the license.